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Vandal Venture sail

$598.00 - $651.00

Get on it.

The Venture is our answer for a ‘one sail for all conditions’, a perfect match for the everyday freerider out there. Its design comes with our best quality x-ply for durability, coloured monofilm for great UV protection and our lightweight durable mast sleeve material.

We have introduced a new cross batten, cut out the leech to shorten the boom length and produced an incredibly balanced sail.

The Venture is a perfect sail for most free riders using 100-200 litre boards and also comes as a complete packaged rig.  It’s designed for its ease of use and is a fantastic sail for all levels of windsurfers.



  • Quality materials throughout
  • Great price for start up windsurfers
  • Folded back tack patching and silicon batten bumpers protects the stitching from grinding on your board and ground
  • Strap-on systems keeps your sail rolled up tight


Size LUFF(cm)  BOOM(cm)  Top Mast
VENTURE 4.0 Sail 375 151 Vario 25% RDM 400 WAVE 140-190 RDM 35cm 4
VENTURE 4.6 Sail 402 159 Vario 25% RDM 400 WAVE 140-190 RDM 35cm 4
VENTURE 5.2 Sail  423 170 Vario   25% RDM 430   WAVE 140-190 RDM 35cm 4
VENTURE 5.8 Sail 446 179 Vario 25% RDM 430 FREERIDE 170-220   RDM 35cm 5
VENTURE 6.4 Sail 457 194 Vario 25% SDM 430 FREERIDE 170-220 SDM 35cm 5
VENTURE 7.2 Sail 481 210 Fixed  25% SDM 460 FREERIDE 170-220 SDM 35cm 5


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